About Me

My name is Anthony Michael Mayes and I was lucky to be born here in beautiful Southern California. I have been blessed with a larger fontal lobe of the brain, which in turn helped me develop a very particular set of skills in Web Development, and they are always improving. I also like to dabble with a few Graphic Design projects on the side as well.

Along with improving my skills towards my profession, I am constantly improving myself as a human being. Every day is new adventure and a new slate to try, believe, become, and enjoy your life, so why not make the best of it; right?

If you have met me, then you probably already know that I am a straightforward and easygoing person who loves to make new friends and memories.

The people and things I love most in this world:

  • My Wife
  • My Mom
  • My Mother-In-Law
  • My Dad
  • My Friends and Family
  • Golf
  • Making Memories, and laughing when recalling them
  • My Skills

    My Web Development


    Golf Ball Shack

    Tempting Templates

    My Graphic Designs

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    Contact Me


    Call/Text: (818) 726-9278


    Hope to hear from you soon!